Amcor 12000 BTU Portable Air Conditioning Unit Mobile Air Conditioner 1.16 kW – White

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Noise Level7

Amcor’s newest 12000 BTU portable air conditioner is the full package when it comes to all year round air conditioning – as it functions by cooling, heating, fanning, and providing succinct dehumidification.


Brand Amcor
Model Number AC12
Colour White
Item Weight 30.5 Kg
Product Dimensions L*D*H (400*370*800) mm
Special Features Great for homes, offices, caravans or boats
BTU 12000 BTU cooling capacity.
Noise Level 49-54 db low/high mode
Dehumidifier max L/day 50
Refrigerant R410A Refrigerant
Power Supply 220-240V/50hz
Air duct connector 1.5 m exhaust hose
Running Power consumption(W)  1.165 kW (cooling)
Thermostatic range: 16-31 C
Amcor 12000 BTU Portable Air Conditioning Unit Mobile Air Conditioner 1.16 kW – White
Amcor 12000 BTU Portable Air Conditioning Unit Mobile Air Conditioner 1.16 kW – White



Air conditioning quality doesn’t come stress-free –neither does it all comes well after buying that cheap portable air conditioner. The overall look is attractive with a low price tag until when they finally breakdown three months after installation. Quality comfort is meant to be reliable, powerful, and efficient, especially in those ideal hot summer days when the heat wave normally hits! Hard. By now you might be asking yourself what is the best portable air conditioner in the market is? The answer is simple.

Amcor’s newest 12000 BTU portable air conditioner is the full package when it comes to all year round air conditioning – as it functions by cooling, heating, fanning, and providing succinct dehumidification. Whether it is in the bedroom, the kitchen, the living room, the garage, or the caravan it has a 9000 BTU capacity capable of bringing heart-warming comfort to 30sqm around the room. Portability is never an obstacle when it comes to this big elephant in the room, it featuresslick rolling casters that make it one of the easiest task to move this portable unit from room to room without any damages.



  • Built with a slim-like shape fitting any room background.
  • Compact design which aids easy operation.
  • Suitable for both small and large rooms.
  • Cost-effective power consumption.
  • Made for all seasons of the year.
  • Powerful and effective cooling.
  • Designed with a self-evaporation system.
  • Capable of dehumidifying 50L of moisture per day.
  • Easy and straightforward
  • Effortless portability.



  1. Self-Evaporation

This air conditioning unit automatically evaporates some of the water absorbed to be further used in enhancing cooling. It helps water drainage become easy from time to time whenever the appropriate care is being taken.

  1. Powerful & Effective Air Condition

Built with a cooling capacity of 9000 BTU this air conditioning relentlessly takes cooling to another level providing cooled air minutes into the cooling. Its effective cooling covers up to 30sqm of the room edging many of its kind out of the competition.

  1. Compact and Efficient Design

It is designed with a slim body that easily fits by the window or behind the couch. Made to be easily transported featuring rolling casters at the bottom to help it easily move on the surface of the floor.

4, Electronic LED Control Panel

It has an easily operated control panel clearly showing all its functions while having LED lighting to make it all easy to operate. This gives you the advantage to ambient temperatures from afar while trying to use the remote.

  1. Economical Energy Usage

Efficient but yet flexible when it comes to energy use it. Its various functions allow you to control the energy usage by setting the appropriate conditions while the unit automatically monitors power usage.

  1. Suitable for Any House Hold Usage

This portable air conditioner is perfectly ideal for both medium and large rooms. It has a reasonable size that can easily fit into the room without consuming any unnecessary space.

  1. Dehumidification Function

While functioning as a room cooler it also works perfectly in draining moisture from the environment. A large tank capable of absorbing 50L of water in a single day during dehumidifying.

  1. Easy Home Maintenance

This unit comes with its complete ventilation equipment without the needfor any extra cost when it comes to maintenance. No heat pump needed you can easily use the hose to fulfill the task whenever needed.




There is almost no installation needed in this newest edition of Amcor 12000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner. As soon as you bring the portable air conditioning unit straight out of the box all you need is to get the hose in place and you are ready to go. Before you start using this unit you are expected to let it stand upright for about 4 hours before it begins working.


  • Firstly, bring out the hose from the box and extend it using your hands to hold it at both ends. Grab one end of the hose and place it onto the hose connector
  • Secondly, using the same method bring out the window kit adapter and connect it with the other end of the hose. Don’t forget to screw it into place.
  • Thirdly, after assembling the hose try and connect the hose connector into the unit rotating it in an anti-clockwise motion.
  • Fourthly, lift up the sliding window and get the window kit in place making sure it stays tight. Try and connect the widow kit adapter to the window kit and you are done

installationDuring the installation process make sure that the unit independently stands upright and there isn’t any blockage to both inlet and outlet grills.




Switching Modes

Immediately at the start of the use of this portable air con it automatically stays in cooling mode with a temperature of about 22 degrees Celsius and low fan speed. You can easily change mode setting by using the remote or via the control panel. When hanging modes you are expected to press on the mode button until and indicator lights on your preferred mode. By using the up and down button you can adjust the temperature and then choose your preferred fan speed.

Timer Operation

You can select on the timer under the standby mode. Press on the timer to see a light indicator appear. The timer can also be selected using the power ON button. Try pressing on the timer key to set up the timer adjusting the start and stop timings. Timer mode is not eligible for repetition or any combination.

Sleep Mode

This can be selected during the cool mode. Press on the sleep mode during cooling to start the sleep mode with the set temperature under the default fan speed. The temperature is expected to increase by 1 degrees Celsius after every hour in the next two hours. This mode can’t function when the air conditioning unit is under dehumidifying mode and fan mode.

Temperature Changing

This is the simplest and most basic operation when using this unit, with the exception of the On/Off feature. Immediately after starting the machine is expected to automatically remain in the standby mode for a period of about three minutes. You can change the temperature by pressing the UP and DOWN buttons to automatically adjust temperature guided by a Degrees Celsius and a Fahrenheit display.

On the electronic LED display board you will be presented with variety of functions that you can alter to influence the control of the unit.



The unit is automatically expected to stop working immediately when the water storage tank gets full. There are two ways in which the drainage procedure can be carried out on this unit. Owners are expected not to use chemicals such as alcohol, benzene, and gasoline in any step of the drainage to avoid any irreversible damage. There are two methods of drainage when using this unit first, the manual drainage method and then the continuous drainage.

Before starting make sure that you shut the unit first and have already unplugit from any electrical source.

Manual Drainage

water-drainage-amcorFind a container or a tray and place it under the unit. Carefully unscrew the drainage plug from the back of the unit and then remove the stopper to let the water in the tank drain. Avoid tilting or pushing the unit during this procedure to prevent water inside the tank spilling further causing electrical damage. As soon as you finish you can then screw back the plug and firmly place the stopper to make sure that no future leakages occur.

Continuous Drainage

When using this method it isn’t necessary to completely drain the water inside the storage tank. This small portable air conditioner is capable of consuming up to 50L of water per day. Start this by screwing off the drain plug and then pull out the stopper. Obtain a water pipe and connect it to the water outlet at the back of the unit. At this stage you can either use a pump to drain the water or connect the pipe with your domestic house plumbing system.

This particular unit is built with a self-evaporation system which automatically use the water from the water from the storage tank in cooling the condenser. If you have the intention of using this it is suggested that you do not drain the water completely in continuous drainage. If the portable air conditioner is properly vented all most al the stored water is used in cooling the condenser coils and you have to only drain the excess.



Before the start of any other procedure, the portable air con is expected to be shut down and unplugged from the socket. The cleaning activity is always to be done with a clean white cloth free of any chemical constituents or any contamination. If any cleaning agents must be used you are advised to use normaldishwashing detergent. All chemicals such as alcohol, benzene, and gasoline are not expected to be used.

Start by cleaning the external surface of the portable air conditioner. Try as much as possible to avoid the use of too much water especially when cleaning the control panel so as to minimize any risk of permanent damage.

Air Filter Cleaning

The filter is the most important component of when performing any air conditioner maintenance which is to be done every two weeks.

Carefully pull out the filters from the back of the unit avoiding any string friction. Try to dust and wash the filters using a normal detergent in a bowl of warm water. The temperature of the water should be about 40 degrees Celsius.

After using water to clean you should properly rinse the filters throughout and make sure that they are completely dry before installing the back inside the portable air conditioner.



In the case of any potential mishap before calling for help there are some few things to be done which can help the problem regarding the initial consequence. Do note that any major dissembling of parts should not be done on this air conditioner to avoid violation of warranty rights. For any extra information and help needed you are expected to visit portable air conditioning UK to consult an expert.

The Unit Does Not Work

Possible Causes

  1. Failed electrical power supply.
  2. The storage tank is full.
  3. The timer function is in use.
  4. Ambient temperature becomes too high or too low.

Possible Solutions

  1. Correct any electrical fault and restart the unit.
  2. Quickly drain water from the storage
  3. Stop the timer.
  4. Wait until room temperature is between 7-40 degrees Celsius.

Under Performance of the Unit

Possible Causes

  1. Indirect contact to sunlight.
  2. Opened windows or doors.
  3. The filter is very dirty.
  4. Blockage of air respiration within the unit.

Possible Solutions

  1. Draw the window curtains.
  2. Make sure all doors and windows are closed.
  3. Clean all filters or replace.
  4. Clear out any possible blockages.

Noise Level
+ Positives:
  • Quickly cools larger rooms in second.
  • Perfect for all year round domestic usage.
  • Over 60 years of cooling experience within its design.
  • Easily adjustable fan speeds for controlled cooling.
  • It comes ready to use straight from the box.
- Negatives:
  • It gets very noisy when it’s not maintained.
  • Venting tube is somehow short.

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