ANSIO Electric Dehumidifier 12 Ltr/Day with 24h Timer

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Editor choice ANSIO Electric Dehumidifier 12 Ltr/Day with 24h Timer
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£174.98 £114.98

Noise Level10


Colour White
Capacity 12 litres/Day
Power / Wattage 220-240 V ~ 50Hz
Noise Level Minimal
Dimensions (WxDxH) 28 x 24 x 47 cm
Net Weight 11.2 Kg
Refrigerant R134a
Special Features
  • High quality products
  • Dedicated Customer support
  • Committed post-sales support
  • Integrated Wheels
  • Continuous Drainage Hose
  • Auto Defrost function
  • Touch Controls
ANSIO Electric Dehumidifier 12 Ltr/Day with 24h Timer
ANSIO Electric Dehumidifier 12 Ltr/Day with 24h Timer

£174.98 £114.98


The Ansio Portable Dehumidifier could be the smartest small dehumidifier you’ve ever heard off. Despite the fact that it is capable of extracting up 12L of water daily you still have the chance to enjoy effective dehumidification with a lower cost.

It comes with a 3 mode relative humidity function that can be adjusted starting from the low, medium, to the high level. Despite weighing at only 11.3 kg it has a set of rolling casters attached at the bottom to ensure the highest form of mobility.

This small dehumidifier does not only perform certain operations such as air purification but it also comes with an operation laundry mode. It has been designed with an advanced automatic humidity sensor that allows the dehumidifier to know the exact amount of humidity present in the environment. The Ansio 12L portable Dehumidifier also comes with a fan mode that can be used to increase air distribution at different speed levels. This relatively efficient dehumidifier is capable of regulating up 80% of relative humidity on the go.

To make sure that you enjoy the maximum time of usage without carrying out drainage it is built with a continuous drainage option to support long runs. Other brilliant features of this dehumidifier include a sleep mode function, and a 24 hours programmable timer feature. Top inventions such as the child lock and auto-defrost technologies are all integrated into this dehumidifier to ensure the best of service. If you’re looking for a very smart way to minimize electricity costs having to sacrifice little then this might be just the great choice at the right value.

Why Ansio 12L Portable Dehumidifier is the best choice?

Why Choose Ansio 12L Portable Dehumidifier?

  • Automatic humidity sensor which can detect the ambient humidity and indicate it via the control panel.
  • A continuous drainage operation that makes sure that the dehumidifier runs for a very long time without interruption.
  • The unit is constructed with caster wheels at the bottom to ensure the best of mobility.
  • An auto-defrost function that prevents damage caused by ice formation in the dehumidifier.
  • The dehumidifier functions with a smart touch control digitized control panel with backlight.
  • Equipped with up to four different modes including a laundry mode for cloth drying operation.
  • The dehumidifier has a 24 hours programmable timer with auto ‘On’ and ‘Off’ functions.
  • Built with a child-lock facility to ensure dehumidifiers safety around children.



  1. Active Humidistat with Humidity Sensor

The active humidistat function provides you with various levels of humidity to choose from by simply pressing one button at a time. This lets you adjust to the desired level of humidity to produce the best of comfort at a particular time. You also have the freedom to adjust the humidity level at whatever time you wish and still get the most effective dehumidification. The great thing about this function is that it has a built-in humidity sensor that makes sure the dehumidification is done at the right level as it should be done.

  1. Integrated Casters

Casters are always a great thing in home appliances they help to move the machines around in a much more flexible way without any hindrance. This particular dehumidifier has four wheels attached at the bottom providing the best option for portability to everyone who is handling the machine. You can easily push the unit to wherever you want using less force and having less to worry about.

  1. Adjustable Fan Speeds

The fan is a bonus function which can help the process of dehumidification to be more effective and also at times minimize the electricity cost of running the machine. The dehumidifier has different categories of fan speeds from the lower fan speed to the higher fan speed. Choosing the right fan speed can do a lot to you in certain conditions. For example, after selecting the laundry mode you can also make use of the fan to make things faster.

  1. Digitalized Control Panel

As you are all aware of, this is the digital age and anything electronic needs some form of digitalization in one form or the other. In the case of this dehumidifier, it has been built with a smart LED powered control panel to make operations easier at all times. The control panel has been developed with indicator lights and touch buttons to make every movement around the control panel as smooth and as fast as it could be.

  1. 24 Hours Programmable Timer

A timer is always a great feature in these types of machines and so does it look great on this dehumidifier. This dehumidifier is equipped with one of the best dehumidifier timer functions giving you as much flexibility and control while making sure that you don’t have to worry when you’re not at home. The timer also functions with the auto ‘On’ and auto ‘Off’ functions that allow you to set the unit to start functioning when you want and to stop whenever you want.

  1. Laundry Mode

Now, how about this versatile operation that helps you with one of the most basic tasks that you do at home. This dehumidifier with its small size can comfortably help you dry your clothes with zero charges during your laundry days. Once you’re ready to dry your clothes you can easily select on the laundry mode via the control panel. As soon as the mode is selected it will work automatically to extract moisture from your clothes.

  1. Continuous Drainage Option

The continuous drainage option adds flexibility to the services of the dehumidifier. You now have the option to automatically drain water as soon as it accumulates. This function makes sure that the dehumidifier runs as long as possible without interrupting operation to drain the water from the tank. It is as easy as connecting a pipe from the back of the dehumidifier directly to your home plumbing system.

  1. Auto Defrost

From time to time you’ll need a particular safety function to give some cover to your dehumidifier and reduce the risks of sudden failure. This function just does the right thing to make sure that very low temperatures during certain times do not affect or damage the dehumidifier. During times when the temperature is very low, the dehumidifier can sense ice formation and automatically act to alter the process.

Noise Level
+ Positives:
  • A very compact and portable dehumidifier design.
  • The dehumidifier offers great value for its price.
  • It is made ideal for small-sized rooms with less air space.
  • The dehumidifier has a sleep mode operation that keeps it quiet at night.
  • It is a very portable dehumidifier and very light to carry.
- Negatives:
  • Ineffective in medium to large sized rooms.
  • A low daily water extraction rate.

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