De’Longhi DEM10 Dehumidifier – White

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Best value De’Longhi DEM10 Dehumidifier – White
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Noise Level8


Brand De’Longhi
Model Number DEM10
Colour Grey
Dehumidifying Capacity 10 litres (18 pints) extraction / 24 hours
Power Consumption 190 watts
Noise Level 38 db(A)
Water Tank 2 L
Dimensions (WxDxH) 33 x 35 x 42 cm
Net Weight 10 kg
Refrigerant R134a
Special Features
  • Remove Excess Air Moisture
  • Adjustable Humidistat
  • Minimum Noise Emissions
  • Dry Clothes Function
  • Visible Water Level
De’Longhi DEM10 Dehumidifier – White
De’Longhi DEM10 Dehumidifier – White



De’Longhi DEM10 Dehumidifier continues to reward its owners with reliability and fast dehumidification proven with a fantastic track record spanning for over a decade now. This compact yet easily portable dehumidifier has gained a lot of positive recognition from its owners and has impressed over the years topping charts in major markets.

It is a highly efficient dehumidifier extracting up 10L of water per day. De’Longhi DEM10 Dehumidifier can serve up to 50m3 of room spacing making it highly suitable for small areas such as the laundry room and the kitchen. It has a tank control system with the water tank made to store up to 2 liters of water.
When it comes to control, the unit is equipped with a humidistat which makes it easy to adjust humidity levels at all times. Its continuous draining facility reduces the need for any unnecessary drainage whilst having washable filters to ensure the unit is properly maintained. As the DEM10 Dehumidifier tries to improve efficiency it also gives owners less to worry about with an automatic anti-frost technology built within. With this particular dehumidifier, you are free to adjust between 32% – 80% of humidity levels.

The unit is equipped with a built-in carry handle that serves as the means of portability during times when the dehumidifier has to be moved. Once the unit is put in place it automatically starts to remove excess moisture produced from laundry machines and baths. The main aim of the DEM10 Dehumidifier is to alleviate condensation and prevent any causes of dampness and mold. It has a noise level of about 38 dB classified as very good.



  • It is built with a tank control system.
  • Incredibly lightweight weighing at only 10kg.
  • Electronic anti-frost setting for use in cold environments to avoid ice formation.
  • It is ideal for use in steam irons collecting demineralized
  • It has a continuous drainage option with a full plumbing kit in the box.
  • There is a top-mounted carry handle to lug the unit around.
  • The De’Longhi DEM10 id far cheaper and affordable for those willing to pay less.
  • Equipped with a humidistat to set the right level of moisture.
  • Very suitable for night time usage with a total sound level of 38 dB.
  • It comes with an electronic anti-frost technology for lower temperature usage.



  1. Humidistat

The humidistat plays a very important role in improving the efficiency of the DEM10 Dehumidifier. This function is to allow you to control and adjust moisture to a certain level which satisfies the present condition. By adjusting the humidity level you will further have the advantage of controlling energy consumption. Make use of this feature via the control panel to set the right level of humidity. Once the right setting is put in place the dehumidifier automatically works to raise or lower humidity.

  1. Continuous Drainage

This gives you another sleek alternative when it comes to draining accumulated water in the tank. It gives you the opportunity to set in a permanent drainage system. To reduce the constant labor of removing the water bucket you can make use of the plumbing system from the box to connect the dehumidifier with your house plumbing system. Water will be automatically drained rather than stored in the water bucket. You should also note that the dehumidifier stores demineralized water which can be very useful.

  1. Anti-Frost Setting

This is a protective feature of De’Longhi DEM10 Dehumidifier which prevents ice formation in very cold environments. Frosting can cause major harm to the electrical equipment and with the help of the electric anti-frosting features, this harm is further alleviated.  The dehumidifier is designed to automatically detect any process of ice formation and shut itself down when this happens.

  1. Quiet Operation

Quiet operation is guaranteed with the DEM10 Dehumidifier with an estimated sound level of 38 dB. This particular dehumidifier is ideal for use in the bedroom. Its low sound level makes it possible for night rests while the dehumidifier is operating. The dehumidifier is known to make sounds just like the sound of a hair clipper or the sound of a running fridge.

  1. Easy Portability

Portability has been well in cooperated within the design of this sleek-shaped unit. It has a built-in handle which can be pulled from the top to lift the unit and move it to the required destination. Due to the relatively small height of the unit the handle serves better as a means of portability rather than using rolling casters at the bottom.

  1. Washable Filters

Maintenance is behind the secret achieving efficiency in most air regulation machines. The washable filters at the back of the unit protect the inner part of the unit from particles such as dust particles and can be washed whenever dust accumulates. Washing the filters will enhance air quality and serve as a means of air purification.

  1. Compact Design and Shape

Simplicity is at the heart of DeLonghi DEM10 Dehumidifier. Dimensions of 33cm deep by 35cm wide by 42cm high make this unit shorter, but much deeper than rivals. It is covered with quality plastic and accurate opening wherever needed. It is shaped with minor sharp ages and a round feel with a flat bottom to make sure that the dehumidifier stands firm.

  1. Clothes Drying

Where there is efficiency there is value. Just like any other top-notch dehumidifier out there it is also capable of helping you dry your clothes. Unlike the turbo mode in many dehumidifiers, you can the rotary dial clockwise to set in the dehumidifier into a continuous mode. This makes it ideal for cloth drying. It makes sure that humidity in the area goes as low as possible to help you dry your clothes.

  1. Removable Water Collection Bucket

There is no need for moving the dehumidifier from east to west or from west to east to get it closer to a sink for drainage. The makers of this unit have made it easy for water drainage. All that you need to do is to detach the bucket from the body and pour out the water.

  1. Low Energy Consumption

In most cases where you are need of taking control of how much energy is expended this humidifier gives you an even simpler option. As soon as the set humidity level is reached the dehumidifier will automatically shut down while the fan is left to operate. All operations are made flexible to have better control over energy consumption with the humidistat feature.

Noise Level
+ Positives:
  • Functions with an adjustable humidistat.
  • Washable and removable filters.
  • Operates with a low sound level at night.
  • It has good moisture extraction rates.
  • A visible water level at all times.
  • Manufactured and assembled by a trusted manufacturer.
- Negatives:
  • It has only one fan speed.
  • Out-dated non-digital control panel.


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