EcoAir DC18 Compact Portable Dehumidifier, 18 L

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Editor choice EcoAir DC18 Compact Portable Dehumidifier, 18 L
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£179.94 £178.95

Noise Level9


Brand EcoAir
Model Number DC18
Colour White
Capacity 18 litres
Power Consumption 295 watts
Noise Level 43/45
Water Tank 3.5 L
Dimensions (WxDxH) 52.6 x 39.4 x 27.6 cm
Net Weight 14.5 Kg
Refrigerant R134a
Special Features
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • CFC free
  • “Filter Clean” Indication Sensor and Display
  • Automatic Restart – If any interruption to power
  • Tank Full Indicator
EcoAir DC18 Compact Portable Dehumidifier, 18 L
EcoAir DC18 Compact Portable Dehumidifier, 18 L

£179.94 £178.95


Despite the fact that there are other products out there capable of doing the same job as the DC18 Compact dehumidifier it will still be a joke if you choose not to look into this newly released innovative EcoAir dehumidifier. If you are looking for effectiveness and value for the price you’re willing to offer then this might be the better choice.

The DC18Compact Dehumidifier is specifically designed with built-in sensors to control levels of relative humidity and equipped with the right features to protect the home. It fully operates with humidity control functions to stabilize humidity & protects the home by preventing the growth of any bacteria and mold.

This version of EcoAir dehumidifier is capable of extracting up to 18L of moisture per day compared to the 12L rate of the DC12 dehumidifier. One of the prominent features of this dehumidifier is its active humidistat that lets you automatically adjust relative humidity from 35%RH to 80%RH. In this dehumidifier, you’ll find certain special features such as the fan mode which allows you to select between two different speed levels. It comes with a set of easy glide rolling castors and grip handles attached to the sides for easy mobility.

The DC18 dehumidifier comes with a smart digital display control panel with a filter indicator to notify you when the 3.5L tank is full. You can be able to dry your clothes safely using the Continuous mode via the control panel. One of the most impressive features of this machine is its clean me filter indicator rarely find in most units. To finish it off – the DC18 dehumidifier comes with an additional timer, auto-defrost & auto-shut off features, and a capable storage tidy gear attached at the back.


Why Choose EcoAir DC18 Compact Portable Dehumidifier?

  • It offers energy-saving options with the active humidity sensor.
  • It is designed with a continuous drainage option with a free pipe in the package.
  • Has an up to date LED-powered display control panel and touch buttons.
  • The design of the unit is almost perfectly executed having a set of rolling casters, grab handles, and a cable tidy gear all attached.
  • An easy remove filter function that eases filter maintenance.
  • It operates with an auto-restart function in case of power failure with the previous settings unchanged.
  • It’s economical to run with controllable fan speeds to save energy.
  • An automatic filter clean sensor that alerts when cleaning is needed.
  • And a complete 24 months warranty to take it all home.



  1. Active Humidistat

The adjustable humidistat provides the room for more control by giving you the chance to adjust just the right level of humidity you want. To select or adjust the right level of humidity to satisfy any condition press on the plus and minus buttons via the control panel to increase or decrease relative humidity by 5% simultaneously. As soon as the right level is set the machine automatically starts to increase or decrease the level of humidity.

  1. Compressor Technology

The compressor technology plays a very prominent role in making sure that the dehumidification is effective and that as low amount of energy is being consumed at the time. The DC18 Dehumidifier is capable of extracting up ton 18L of water in 24 hours and storing the water via the 3.5L tank. Extracting moisture from the environment helps to protect properties in the home and ensures a healthy living.

  1. Intelligent Digital Touch Button Control Panel

The smartest and most modern technology is being used with the design of this digital control panel. It has a display screen that displays current relative humidity in the environment. It also helps to display the set level of humidity set to be reached as it operates. The control panel is accompanied with touch buttons and light indicators to help guide you in the right direction.

  1. Dual Fan Speeds

Select between a low and fast fan speed via the control panel by pressing the fan button. The level of fan speed you’ve chosen will help you to have better control in certain matters. A lower fan speed ensures low power consumption and low sound pressure. A higher fan speed contributes highly to air distribution and helps in cloth drying operations.

  1. Continuous Drainage Procedure

You no longer have to stress over lifting the water bucket up and down or moving the machine close to a sink to drain water. An easy continuous drainage method has been made available. Use the free pipe from the box to connect the dehumidifier with your home plumbing system to see the water constantly get drained as it accumulates.

  1. Auto-restart Auto-Shutoff functions

This ensures a stress-free situation whenever there is a power loss. The machine is built to automatically restart itself in situations of power loss where power is backed up. The auto-shutoff function allows the unit to automatically switch itself off once it senses the level of water filling the water tank.

  1. Grip Handles & Rolling Castors

EcoAir DC18 Dehumidifier is absolutely portable for two major reasons. It has a set of rolling casters attached at the bottom that makes sure the unit can be moved with the slightest of pushes. The grip handles attached at the sides are not only made for the sake of any beauty. You can use the grip handles to pull the unit up and move it using your both hands.

  1. Quietness

Although it is more powerful than the DC12 version it stills has relatively low sound level compared to other dehumidifiers out there. It has a minimum of 43 dB sound pressure and a maximum of 45 dB sound pressure. This differenced can be controlled using the right level of fan speed via the digital display control panel. It might not be the most quiet but it can serve the purpose.

Noise Level
+ Positives:
  • It is eco-friendly and has conservative energy consumption.
  • Comes with a free pipe for continuous drainage procedure.
  • It is very portable and built with a smart compressor technology.
  • It is completely CFC free.
  • “Filter clean” automated sensor technology.
- Negatives:
  • It is not ideal for night time bedroom usage.
  • A bit heavier than others at 14.5kg.

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