electriQ 12000 BTU Quiet Portable Air Conditioner – for rooms up to 30sqm

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Noise Level8.5

best portable air conditioning unit to buy equipped with all attributes of a top home quality air conditioner then you should probably start looking towards Electrolux 12000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner. Made ideal for both medium and large rooms it is capable of providing air conditioning quality reaching up to 30sqm of the room.


Brand electriQ
Colour White
Item Weight 28 Kg
Product Dimensions W x H x D: 420 x 722 x 360mm
BTU 12000 BTU cooling capacity.
Noise level (min-max) 38-48 db (A) Sound Energy / < 65 db (A) Sound Power
Dehumidifier 26.4L/24h
Refrigerant R410A Refrigerant
Power Supply 220-240V/50hz
Air duct connector 1.5 m exhaust hose
Running Power consumption(W)  Low
EER rating: A
Mode: Cooling, dehumidifying and fan
electriQ 12000 BTU Quiet Portable Air Conditioner – for rooms up to 30sqm
electriQ 12000 BTU Quiet Portable Air Conditioner – for rooms up to 30sqm


Advanced technologies over a long period of time have been able to take home air conditioning to the next level, providing low energy cost and high efficiency. However, if you happen to be thinking what is the best portable air conditioning unit to buy equipped with all attributes of a top home quality air conditioner then you should probably start looking towards Electrolux 12000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner.

This 3 in 1 portable air conditioner is equipped with several flexible cooling options such as adjustable louvers and up to three levels of fan speed. Made ideal for both medium and large rooms it is capable of providing air conditioning quality reaching up to 30sqm of the room. With its LED powered control panel display, you can easily set the timer function and switch in-between functions without any confusion. Nothing makes a unit much better than when it is easily portable, with that Electrolux 12000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner is nowhere left behind. Fully supported with rolling casters underneath when it comes to portability this unit becomes a modern day superhero, easily transported with no hustle or bustle what so ever. It has a self-evaporation system and a sleep mode function taking its low energy consumption to another height. Many of the best portable air conditioner reviews throughout the years have ranked this unit as one of the best portable air conditioners in the market.



  • Highly portable air conditioner.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • A self-evaporation system for improved cooling.
  • Open window ventilation.
  • Comes with a complete sash window kit.
  • Multi-functional remote control.
  • Zero maintenance cost.
  • Definitive cooling guide.
  • Weighing at 28kg only.
  • Capable of cooling up to 30sqm of room area.



  1. Swing Function

Flexibility defines efficiency and that’s why this portable air conditioner is designed to let you adjust the louvers for more controlled cooling. Press the swing button using the remote or via the control panel to see the louvers start swinging and they press it again to see the louvers stop at that set position. This particular feature helps you to adjust the intensity of cooling and the direction of air flow.

  1. Efficient Air Distribution

Its 12000 BTU capacity let this air condition to produce powerful cooling that is easily distributed around the room. Built with three different fan speeds this unit can easily increase cooling pressure within seconds and expand the cooling reach. As soon as the air conditioning unit starts to work it instantly acts towards the ambient temperature further reducing it or increasing it to the set condition.

  1. Self-Evaporation

Owners are no longer left with the huge task or the heavy duty to drain the water tank whenever it’s full, instead, this unit has the ability to automatically evaporate the stored water from the storage tank. It uses most of the water stored in the tank to cool the compressor. There is no longer the need to completely drain the whole water stored in the tank provided this unit is properly vented.

  1. LED Display

It comes with electronic ambient light indication on the control panel for easy operation. All displayed functions on the control panel are easily read and the set temperature can be read from afar without the need to come closer every single time. The LED display is set to automatically help when trying to switch modes making sure that the mode to be chosen has a light indicator which implies that it is the active mode.

  1. Rolling Castors

Portability is an essential ingredient when it comes to understanding what it means to have the best portable air conditioner. This portable air con has rolling castors underneath which helps by supporting slick movement on top of the floor. A little amount of push will be enough to see the unit move in the direction which you want it to move. It can easily be moved from one room to another without any scratches impacted on the floor or on the body of this unit.

  1. Low Sound Energy

It has a total of 65dB sound energy which is very suitable compared to many of its kind. You can completely use this unit in the night no matter how quiet the night is, this quite portable air conditioner keeps the sound down that even a baby will not be disturbed when sleeping at night. To maintain this quality you are expected to perform regular filter maintenance on this unit. Dust blockages on the air inlet and outlet ways cause sudden vibrations and reduced efficiency.

  1. Full Tank Indicator

At any moment when the tank gets filled up, an alarm will be sounded together with a light indicating that will appear on the control panel. Owners are expected to see an “E2” error appear on the control panel screen as soon as the tank gets filled up. In this situation, the portable air conditioner is automatically set to shut-down itself to avoid uncontrolled spillage of water.

  1. Instant Climate Control

You can be able to switch between four different modes on this unit to control the disturbing condition and bring normality to the climatic structures of the room. At different points of the season, you are presented with options such as Cooling, Dehumidifying, Heating, and Fanning. It is the perfect all-year-round versatile air conditioning unit.



Before the start of any operation, you are expected to let the air conditioning unit stand upright for about 4 hours. Make sure that you fully comply with all of the guidelines in the manual to avoid any evident mistake which might lead to any sort of permanent damage. Once you’ve opened the box to make sure that you carefully bring out all the ventilation parts and get ready for assembly.


1. Firstly, start by opening up space in the sliding window to fix the window kit. Make sure that the window kit is placed firmly after this process.

  1. Secondly, check for any blockages around the inlet and outlet grill to make sure that there is nothing capable of blocking air flow. Try and make sure that the portable air conditioner is placed 50cm away from any object in the room.
  2. Thirdly, bring out the hose and assemble it with the hose connector. Connect this end of the hose to the window kit on the window and then connect the other end of the hose to the back of the unit.

Take note that this window kit is only meant to be installed in a sliding or sash window and cannot be used in any other window.



Changing the Temperature

Adjustment of ambient temperature is easily done using the remote or on the control panel. Press the up and down buttons on the control panel or the remote to increase or decrease temperature simultaneously. This portable air con has a thermostat range from 16-30 degrees Celsius.

Fan Speed Adjustment

You can easily choose up the three categories of fan speed using this unit. Start by pressing the fan speed button to select either HIGH, LOW, or, Medium speed. The fan speed majorly affects the cooling function depending on the situation. However, the fan speed can’t be changed during dehumidifying because it’s meant to automatically run low during this operation.

Timer Operation

This particular function gives you the freedom to choose when the unit will start working and when it will stop during a particular period of time. To set when the unit should start, press the timer button during standby and then use the TEMP+ and TEMP– to set the exact timing. To set the timer off function, start by pressing the timer button while the unit is operating and using the TEMP+ and TEMP– buttons to set the exact time which it will stop.

Mode Functions

The mode function allows you to select conditions such as Cooling, Heating, Auto-Mode, and Dehumidifying. To select one of the above simply press on the mode button until a light indicator appears in the mode which you are willing to select.

Swing Button

When the portable air conditioner is in operation and when a particular mode is being selected you can simply press the swing button for the louvers to start swinging and then press it again to remain in that adjusted position



This air conditioning unit can be easily drained using two methods either the manual drainage method or the continuous drainage method. As soon as the tank gets filled up the unit is expected to stop working automatically.

Manual Drainage

Before you start the process you’re expected to shut-down the unit and then go ahead to unplug it from the socket. Avoid vehemently moving the unit to ensure that there isn’t water spillage within the body of the tank doesn’t occur which could probably lead to major harm. With the aid of a tray under the portable air conditioner, you can carefully unscrew the water plug and remove the stopper to simply watch the water drain. At the end of the process make sure that you screw back the plug and place back the stopper.

Continuous Drainage

In this method, you can start by simply unscrewing the plug and then go ahead to unplug the stopper. Obtain a water pipe and connect it to the water outlet. At this stage, you are provided with two options either to use a water pump or simply connect the pipe to your house plumbing system to lead it outside.



Over the years one of the best and constant advice that owners of the best portable air conditioner brands give to customers is the proper cleaning and maintenance of the unit for a longer lifespan. No matter how busy your schedule is you are expected to find the time and take proper care of the air conditioning unit in your home. A good way to start is by switching off the unit and then unplugging it from any electrical source.

Cleaning the Air Filters

To keep the quality of air conditioning at a very high level this is expected to be done twice in a month. Owners are strongly advised not to engage in the usage of chemicals containing constituents such as benzene, alcohol, and gasoline to avoid any permanent damage to the unit.

To clean the plastic covering of the unit use a clean white cloth soaked with a normal detergent solute to swab throughout the body. Ensure that the cloth to be used is not too wet during cleaning to avoid water seeping through the control panel.

Gently pull out the filters from the back of the unit using your both hands. Dust both filters and then soak them in a solution of water containing dishwashing detergent. Wash the filters thoroughly and then dry them in the sun. After making sure that both filters are completely dry go ahead to install them safely back into the portable air conditioner.



In case if you happen to be experiencing sudden problems with your portable air con the guide below might help you to get back on track. All owners are warned not to carryout major dissembling on the unit to avoid disqualification from any guarantee rights. At any time if you are in need of any help I suggest that you visit portable air conditioning UK.

Unit Has Stopped Working

Possible Causes

  1. No electrical supply.
  2. The storage tank is full.
  3. Active timer function.
  4. Ambient temperature too low or too high.

Possible Solutions

  1. Correct power supply.
  2. Drain the water storage tank.
  3. Opt out of timer function.
  4. Make sure the ambient temperature is between the thermostat range.

The inefficiency of the Unit

Possible Causes

  1. Direct sunlight contact.
  2. Opened windows & doors.
  3. Dirty air filter.
  4. Air inlet or outlet blocked.

Possible Solutions

  1. Use curtains on the window.
  2. Close all windows & doors.
  3. Clean or change the air filters.
  4. Remove any possible air inlet or outlet blockage.

Noise Level
+ Positives:
  • It features a reusable air filter screen.
  • Capable of removing 1.8L of moisture per hour.
  • Light weight and a sleek body design.
  • Built with a compact and portable design.
  • Perfect for bedroom air conditioning for quality sleep.
- Negatives:
  • The gas needs to be refilled after 10 months.
  • The water tank has to be emptied at least once a month.

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