electriQ 16000 BTU 4.6 Kw Portable Air Conditioner

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electriQ 16000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner is built by one of the best air conditioning brands, supported with all of the latest and greatest air cooling technology. With its 14000 BTU heating capacity, it is surely expected to beat the coldest days of winter and give you the experience of controlling the climatic factors in your room with a single press.


Brand electriQ
Colour White
Item Weight 32 Kg
Product Dimensions 490*376*768 mm
Special Features Good for Home, Office, Commercial use
BTU 16000 BTU cooling capacity.
Noise level (min-max) < 65 db (A) Sound Power
Dehumidifier 50.4 L/day
Refrigerant R410A Refrigerant
Power Supply 220-240V/50hz
Air duct connector 1.5 m exhaust hose
Running Power consumption(W)  Low
EER rating: A/A+
Mode: 4 in 1 unit with Heating, Cooling, Fan, Dehumidifier function

electriQ 16000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner is built by one of the best air conditioning brands, supported with all of the latest and greatest air cooling technology. Its appetizer for just being able to support over 40sqm of surrounding pushes it on top of the rank as an ideal commercial air conditioning unit. With its 14000 BTU heating capacity, it is surely expected to beat the coldest days of winter and give you the experience of controlling the climatic factors in your room with a single press. Its versatility in design is hard to judge until you notice its slim-like shape making it appear way less bulky than many of its competitors. Its ability to raise the temperature in a few minutes and distribute it within a minute or two can’t be overemphasized. If people say that portability is what they are in need of then this unit gives them what it means to transport 32kg of weight applying less force that produces a greater impact. Handles at the sides, rolling casters at the bottom, and 376mm of total width are what describes this, one of its kind portable air conditioner. This unit never forgets that you are its boss, it gives you the power to operate an advanced LCD remote using the tip of your fingers. Conditions may never again be too harsh or even become uncontrollable as soon as you get your hands on this monster air conditioner. Take a break and look at some of the best portable air conditioner reviews via portable air conditioning UK then you will reveal to yourself what makes this unit as the best portable air conditioner on the market.



  • It has an innovative design.
  • Powerful spot cooling in large areas.
  • Accompanied bya temperature regulation key.
  • Sleep control operation.
  • Powerful dehumidification.
  • Designed with three ventilator stages.
  • Quiet air conditioning.
  • Adjustable air flow.
  • LCD advanced remote control.
  • Complete day programmable timer.



  1. Expandable Hose

Its long hose gives you the opportunity to be much more involved when positioning the unit around the room. This lets you to easily install the unit without having to scarify a big portion of space. Carefully grab the hose and pull it on both ends to see the length dramatically increase. Provided that you need to position the portable air conditioner 50cm away from anything around the room this gives you an upper hand towards positioning it on the best spot possible.

  1. Low Power Consumption

After all the processes of troubles of finding the bestair conditioning unit at the end, energy is the leading factor that contributes to all of that. electriQ 16000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner is an A-rated energy air conditioner capable of monitoring energy consumption to the maximum. It automatically prevents any instance of energy wastage, shutting itself down whenever the ambient temperature reaches the set temperature. Energy consumption is further controlled when using the timer.

  1. Fish-Tail Adaptor

Its hose connector is different from any other portable unit of its kind. Unlike many round shaped hose connector’s this unit is rather built with a fishtail adaptor to connect the hose with the unit. With the availability of the fish-tail adapter, there is no need of twisting and turning when assembling the hose. The hose and the fish-tail connector are easily connected with a single push. The fish-tail connector has a wider aperture larger than many portable air conditioners giving it an upper hand when it comes to air flow.

  1. Compressor Protection

The safety of some of the most important parts of an air conditioner is large in concern towards a greater lifespan. The unit has a self-evaporation system which ensures the safety and protection of the compressor as it uses stored water from the storage tank to cool the compressor. Another advantage to this is that it further reduces the need to completely drain the water in the tank during water drainage. Having the intention of benefiting from this feature means that the continuous drainage system should not be put into use.

  1. Ingenious Design

It weighs 32kg and stands 768mm in height giving it the perfect posture and shape to be accompanied everywhere in the house. Supported with rolling casters underneath this gives it the will of portability whenever any transportation is needed. This air conditioning unit is designed with a slim look capable of fitting by the window or simply standing by the wall. However, with all this, in the case of transportation, you’re expected to maintain the unit in an upright position.

  1. Powerful and Fast Air Conditioning

It has a 16000 BTU capacity more than enough to satisfy 40sqm of room area. With its cooling capacity, it is capable of raising the temperature in minutes and changing the conditions within the room with utmost ease. This portable air con has a 4.6kW cooling power that provides cooling at a different height and level. Ideal to be used in both bigger and larger rooms while constantly providing air conditioning at a faster rate.

  1. Digitalized Control Panel

An easy to use control panel will always give you a smiling face.Experiencing simplicity when benefiting from top quality and efficiency is always a welcomed trajectory towards success. This unit has an LED display control panel that makes things easy to be read on the control panel, resulting in quicker action. Temperature is displayed with normal figures both in degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit, easily read standing from afar.

  1. 3-Speed Turbo Fan

This air conditioning unit is built with 3 levels of fan speed, accelerating efficiency to the very maximum. You are presented with the opportunity to control your cooling even further this time. Owners are to note that in certain selected modes a default fan speed is automatically set and can’t be changed. This specific feature lets you further control distribution of cooled air around the room.



To avoid any problems make sure that before starting the portable air conditioner it is left to stand upright for a period of about 3-4 hours at least. This is done in other to make sure that the gasses contained within are left to cool for some time in order to avoid high volatile pressure at the start. Once this is done you can now unbox it and get ready to install. STEPS OF INSTALLATION

  1. Firstly, bring out the fishtail connector and try to connect it with the hose. During these make sure that you do not use the wrong end of the fishtail to avoid any unwanted damage.
  2. Secondly, grab one end of the hose triesto screw it into the back of the unit with an anti-clockwise motion. Take no longer than three rotations and this will be enough.
  3. Thirdly, to set up theportable air conditioning window kits open the sliding window to a certain height and the place the window kit in between, making sure that it stays firmly on the window.
  4. Fourthly, carefully pull the other end of the hose and then insert place it onto the window kit connector, making sure that it firmly fits. After this process makes sure to avoid blockage of the air inlet and outlet grills of the portable air con, ensure that the unit is perfectly standing upright after installation.



Temperature Changing

Temperature is very key when it comes to the cooling and heating process. To change the temperature you are expected to press the up & and downs buttons which will then raise the temperature by increments of 1 degrees Celsius. This air conditioning unit has a thermostat range of 16-31 degrees Celsius. Make sure that when adjusting the temperature it doesn’t equal the ambient/room temperature to avoid energy wastage.

Sleep Operation

To initiate the sleep mode press on the mode button until the light indicator for sleep mode shows. It is automatically meant to run with a low fan speed when the sleep mode is selected. Under the cooling mode when the sleep mode is selected the temperature will continue to increase by 1 degrees Celsius for the next two hours. Sleep mode can’t be selected under dehumidifying and fan mode. You can easily cancel this mode by pressing on the sleep mode again.

Timer Operation

This is a crucial feature on the portable air con which helps it control energy usage and air conditioning. To set when the unit should start working, press on the timer button only during standby and then use the temperature control buttons to fix your desired timing. If in case you’re willing to set when the unit should stop working you can easily repeat this procedure making sure that you select on the timer button when the unit is in function at these time.

Switching Modes

You’re able to choose a variety of modes with electriQ 16000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner. Simply press on the mode button using the remote or the control panel until a light indicator shows on the mode which you wish to select.



At a stage when the water tank gets filled up the unit is expected to automatically stop working.  At this time the control panel will display an error message known as “E2.” When this happens try not to switch off and on back the portable air con but simply go ahead to drain the water tank.


1. Firstly, make sure the unit is off and not in session with any electrical source before the start. Try not to initiate any sudden movement in order to avoidspilling of water stored in the tank which can lead to sudden electrical damage and cause permanent impairment to the machine.

2. Secondly, find a container or a tray and place it under the drainage plug. Carefully screw off the plugand then gently pull out the stopper to let the water drain.

3. Thirdly, when the water is completely drained you can then simply screw back the plug and firmly place back the stopper making sure it doesn’t give space for any future leakages.

This air conditioning unit is built with a self-evaporation system which automatically reduces the need for complete water drainage. If the unit is at all times drained the right way most of the stored water will be used in cooling the condenser. However, you are advised not to practice continuous drainage if you have the intention to use the self-evaporation system.



Good maintenance and consistent care are at the heart of improving lifespan to even the best portable air conditioning unit. As an air conditioning unit owner, you are expected to practice maintenance on the unit every two weeks. A good home keeper is expected to shut down the unit and unplug it from any electrical source before cleaning starts.

With the aid of a clean white cloth soaked in a solution of normal detergent, gently wipe the plastic housing of the unit. Owners are advised not to use chemicals such as benzene, alcohol, and gasoline anywhere near the cleaning process to avoid any irreversible damage.

Cleaning the Air Filter

From time to time the unit gets blocked with dust which affects the unit’s efficiency which is expected to be cleared during cleaning. Using both hands carefully open the filter covers to remove the mesh.

Start by dusting the mesh filters and then immerse them into a solution of warm water containing normal dishwashing detergent. Warm water with a temperature of about 40 degrees Celsius is preferred.

After making sure that all the dirt is completely washed you can then rinse the filters and place them in the sun to dry. After the filters are dry gently try to install them back into the portable air conditioner.



During times of any air conditioning problems as an owner, you are advised to reference the manual first before seeking further help. You are cautioned not to carry-out any major dissembling on the unit to avoid violation of guarantee rights issued by the company. If you in need of any extra information I suggest that you visit portable air conditioning UKfor more details on the issue.

Air Conditioner is not working

Possible Causes

  1. No electrical supply.
  2. The storage tank is full.
  3. Active timer function.
  4. Ambient temperature too low or too high.

Possible Solutions

  1. Correct power supply.
  2. Drain the water storage tank.
  3. Opt out of timer function.
  4. Make sure the ambient temperature is between the thermostat range.

Under Performance of the Unit

Possible Causes

  1. Direct sunlight contact.
  2. Opened windows & doors.
  3. Dirty air filter.
  4. Air inlet or outlet blocked.

Possible Solutions

  1. Use curtains on the window.
  2. Close all windows & doors.
  3. Clean or change the air filters.
  4. Remove any possible air inlet or outlet blockage.

+ Positives:
  • It comes with complete ventilation, no heat pump needed.
  • Perfect for large-scale air conditioning.
  • A rated energy efficiency.
  • Less bulky than many its kind.
  • All year round climate control.
- Negatives:
  • It is not the quietest 16000 BTU portable air conditioner.
  • Not suitable for bedrooms.



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