Electriq Low Energy 20L Dehumidifier

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Brand ElectrIQ
Model Number CD20LE
Colour White
Capacity Extracts up to 20 litres per day
Power / Wattage Max 240 watts/ hr power consumption
Noise Level Max noise level Maximum 42 dB(A)
Air Flow (nominal) 165 m3/hr
Dimensions (WxDxH) 42.5 x 29 x 64 cm
Net Weight 13.8 Kg
Refrigerant R134a
Special Features
  • Energy efficient, great for up to 5 bed houses
  • Saves 40% of the running costs compared with standard dehumidifiers
  • Extracts up to 20 litres per day
  • Cost effective way to combat mould, condensation and damp
  • Quick drying laundry mode
  • Digital humidistat with backlight LCD display showing current room humidity and temperature
  • Advanced air purifier function with plasma Ionizer and UV sterilisation to keep your air clean
  • Two fan speeds for good balance between quiet operation and improved air flow/performance
  • Energy efficient compressor – uses only 240 Watts
  • Permanent drainage option
  • Built-in handle and castors
  • Large 4 litre water tank
  • Max 240 watts/ hr power consumption
  • 1 – 24 hour stopping timer
  • Air Flow (nominal): 165 m3/hr
  • Auto restart on power off
  • Max noise level Maximum 42 dB(A)
  • Operating Temperatures 5-35 degrees celsius
  • Rotary Compressor
Electriq Low Energy 20L Dehumidifier
Electriq Low Energy 20L Dehumidifier



Say hello to the eye-catching ElectriQ energetic dehumidifier! Built with years of experience by a famous brand with a lot more than just providing comfort. This new generation dehumidifier has received a warm welcome by many homeowners across the globe. ElectriQ Low Energy 20L Dehumidifier has been made ideal for home air purification fitted with an anti-bacterial air purifier. Its energy efficiency can save you up to 40% of costs while extracting up to 20L of water per 24 hours. It is indeed cost-effective, combatant, and incredibly efficient made great for 2-5 bedroom homes. Not only if functions to keep the bacteria and molds at bay – But, also works with a laundry mode to help dry your clothes as cheap as possible. It is designed with a set of rolling casters at the bottom to ease movement across the house and ensure little or no struggle what so ever.

When the moisture level drops a 4L tank is made available to store water. In case if you are planning to permanently install the unit you can make use of the continuous drainage method to eliminate all other inconveniences. Take a deep breath and lie on the bed at night knowing that you get to enjoy a quiet night sleep with as low as a 42 (dB) sound pressure. A digital humidistat is made available for you to access via the digitalized control panel. Other remarkable features of this unit include a two-category fan speed, auto-restart function, and a clever light indicator.

Why ElectriQ LE 20L Dehumidifier is the best choice?

Why Choose Electriq Low Energy 20L Dehumidifier?

  • A smart mode for maximum convenience and effectiveness for maintaining ideal domestic humidity.
  • Lightweight, compact and portable design with rolling casters at the bottom.
  • Eligible for continuous drainage without using the tank.
  • Air purifier function with plasma Ionizer and UV sterilization.
  • It functions with a turbo mode for cheap cloth drying.
  • Intelligent defrost technology to prevent frosting.
  • Designed to save up to 40% of running cost compared to standard dehumidifiers.
  • Provisional free carbon filters to come in the package.
  • Digital control humidistat empowered with LCD backlight display.
  • Zero cost of maintenance.



  1. Advanced Air Purifier Air quality is very crucial and you have to keep a great eye on air quality as different weather conditions come and go. It’s never a good sign when you see your furniture’s at home starting to brown and food getting spoilt so easily. To offer you a better solution to this, the machine has different functions that can be integrated at the same time to monitor air quality. It uses a UV light protector to detect bacteria samples and destroy them instantly. Via the control panel, you can also make use of the ionizer function to boost effectiveness.
  2. Intelligent CPU Digital Humidistat Setting the right level of relative humidity in your environment can go a long way to benefit you and improve your living conditions. With this particular unit, you can easily set the required level of humidity and let the dehumidifier do the rest of the work. The machine also helps you to indicate the current state of humidity by showing lights on the control panel such as red, orange, and green to represent high humidity, comfortable, and dry accordingly. Be patient when doing this as it can take up to 2 minutes before the color changes.
  3. Quite and Turbo Fan speeds Now, what about getting a free laundry done on time and also increasing the effectiveness of air distribution. Press on the mode control button to either select on the high or low-speed fan option. The turbofan speed represents the high fan speed which can be used during cloth drying. Setting the right fan speed will also help you to monitor sound pressure. If the right level of humidity is reached you can simply start the fan and log out from other operations to save energy.
  4. Digitalized Control Panel An easy to use control panel always leaves a smile on the face of the owner. ElectriQ LE 20L dehumidifier is designed with a smart touch display control panel for maximum control efficiency. The control panel automatically displays the set level of humidity and functions with light indicators to help guide you when selecting a particular operation.
  5. Easy Mobility From time to time the need may arise for you to move the unit for the purpose of maintenance or other set of things. With the help of the rolling casters at the bottom, it is quite amazing to see this 13.8kg machine move swiftly on the ground with not a single bump. Simply shut the unit down and unplug it and then use both hands to push the machine wherever needed in less time.
  6. Tank Operation The essence of any home appliance is to provide efficiency whenever needed and the good news is, ElectriQ’s LE 20L dehumidifier is nowhere left behind. The tank of this machine is designed with certain, discrete, special features. To make sure the tank is protected from any possible bacteria growth from the water stored it has an anti-bacterial safeguard within to prevent this from happening.When the tank gets full, you get easily alerted via the control panel.
  7. Oscillating Function The oscillating function may sound like something fun although not to you but to the unit it is. Think of a louver which is designed to function automatically and yet it can be programmed to function in up to three different directions such as 45degress, 95 degrees, and 180 degrees swing motion. Better yet, think of a louver which is built with anti-dust protection and a self-closing option. I told you from the start that this particular dehumidifier is worth its value.
  8. Intelligent Defrost At this point you might be thinking how intelligent this dehumidifier is, well, of course, it is not as intelligent as you but for other machines like its own kind should better watch out. The machine does exactly what is written in above which is defrosting ice. It has a built-in coil sensor that detects if the temperature is too low and when it comes back positive the machine knows what to the next in an attempt to stop the madness!

If you think that this dehumidifier might do a great job protecting your home, well don’t forget to also protect the unit by performing maintenance and even better visiting this link to get the manual.

Noise Level
+ Positives:
  • Plasma Ionizer that detects mold and airborne allergies.
  • Adjustable humidity levels ranging between 30% to 80%.
  • Ideal for both medium to large sized rooms.
  • Automated and adjustable swing operation.
  • A micro CPU controlled device capable of performing self-diagnosis.
- Negatives:
  • Water tank tends to fill up quickly in wet weathers.
  • It is one of the a little bit expensive options.

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