Electrolux Heat & Cool 4-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner, 12kBTU, White

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Noise Level6

Compared to many small portable air conditioners the Electrolux BTU 12000 Portable Air Conditioner doesn’t only modifies the set temperature automatically save energy and also prevent energy wastage. Portable Air conditioning UK ranks this unit as one of the most evident when it comes to office usage guaranteed from some of the best portable air conditioning reviews.


Brand Electrolux
Model Number EXP12HN1W6
Colour White
Item Weight 34 Kg
Product Dimensions 39.7 x 46.5 x 76.4 cm
Special Features 4 in 1, 24 hour timer, Digital controls, Remote control
BTU 12000 BTU cooling capacity.
Noise Level 64 dB of sound energy
Energy Efficiency Class A to G
Refrigerant R410A/550
Voltage 240 volts
Air duct connector 1.2 m exhaust hose
Power / Wattage 12 watts
Auto Shutoff No
Electrolux Heat & Cool 4-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner, 12kBTU, White
Electrolux Heat & Cool 4-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner, 12kBTU, White



Comfort and health are key elements of success in our 24/7 life as technology continues to make it easy. However, at the end of the day we all have to go to sleep and that’s when our bodies become very much vulnerable from things such as dehydration and desiccation undervaluing our health. Take back control of your health and buy one of the best portable air conditioners in the market, Electrolux 12000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner. With its fully powered cooling mode your nights’ are safely secured providing just the right temperature to prevent dehydration. Powered with its 5 series functional modes and a flexible transport gear you can sleep at the office, the bedroom, the living room, or wherever you want, knowing that your health is properly guarded. If efficiency is what you need then versatility is what it offers more, equipped with a power management feature you are guaranteed with a zero energy waste. Buying cheap portable air conditioning unit means little guarantee resulting into zero back up. Instead buy one of the best portable air conditioner on the market which provides guaranteed service as soon as you register.



  • Easy to access and affordable spare parts.
  • 5 steps superfast installation process.
  • Ideal for small environments.
  • Minimal maintenance need.
  • Automatic power management.
  • Quite and efficient air conditioning.
  • Powerful dehumidification.
  • Slick transportation and mobility.
  • Two way air filtration.
  • 5m expandable hose.

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  1. Swing Operation

Swinging controls the flow of both cold and hot air which can have a very positive effect in adjusting to the right temperature. Once the unit is in operation you can press on the swing button to see the louvers continuously change their angles and then press the swing button again to set it at the right angle.

  1. Functional Auto Mode

This allows you to let the machine automatically change temperature battle grounds, automatically adjusting the conditions in regards with the temperature you initially selected. Select on the auto mode from the control panel to allow the machine tap between three modes between the cooling, heating, and fan mode.

  1. Protective Power Management System

Compared to many small portable air conditioners the Electrolux BTU 12000 Portable Air Conditioner doesn’t only modifies the set temperature automatically save energy and also prevent energy wastage. Once the ambient temperature reaches the set temperature the unit will automatically witch to power saving mode. After some period of time the portable air conditioner will automatically shut down itself to wait until the temperature change to start again.

  1. Electronic LED Night Vision Display

The unit has a LED powered control panel display which allows for easy viewing while from afar. An easily operated control panel with all of the buttons having electric LED display.

  1. Timer Operation

You don’t have to bother about constantly changing the temperature. Press on the timer button using your remote or the control panel to adjust the timer operation. The timer can run for a period of 24 hours constantly stabilizing the set condition.

  1. Quiet and Sustainable Air Conditioning

Its ability to function quietly and efficiently makes it to be one of the best portable air conditioning unit in the market. Upgraded with new inventive technology your nights can go on smoothly and quietly.

  1. Efficiency in both Small & Big Rooms

Portable Air conditioning UK ranks this unit as one of the most evident when it comes to office usage guaranteed from some of the best portable air conditioning reviews.

  1. Variety Modes

Productivity plus versatility gives birth to efficiency. Designed to be used in every season of the year you can access variety of functional modes such as the cooling mode, dehumidifying mode, fan mode, and heating mode.

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After unpacking the air conditioning unit you are to make sure that the unit is left to stand upright for a period of no less than four hours. This has to be done in order to prevent any permanent damage. The unit is expected to be placed near an opening surrounded by at least 30.cm of free space on both sides.


Firstly, bring out the hose from the box and then remove the adapter from the back of the unit, sliding it upwards.

Secondly, carefully grip on the hose by both ends and give it a stretch such that it extends. Try screwing the hose into the adapter until it’s firmly placed.

Thirdly, at this stage all you need to do is to connect the hose into the unit from the back side of the unit giving it a tight fitting.

Fourthly, grab the other loose end of the hose and connect it together with the window kit adapter. Get the window slider in place and then connect it with the hose to complete the installation process.

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Functional Modes

  • The Cooling Mode

Press on the mode button displayed on the control panel to access the cooling mode. The unit automatically functions in the cooling mode after pressing on the button. You can easily adjust the cooling temperature by pressing on the up and down buttons.

  • Heating Mode

Basically press on the mode button until you notice the heat indicator lighten up, then you can progress by pressing on the up and down buttons to adjust the temperature. The fan can also come into to use while the heating mode is in function.

  • Dehumidifying Mode

Just like any other versatile unit this air conditioning unit also favours situations where the environment is quite humid. With a single press of the button the portable air conditioner automatically absorbs water from its surrounding. In this state you expect the fan to run at very low speed while you make sure that the windows and doors are closed.

Timer Operation

The best portable air conditioner is the one which allows you to save energy while taking full control of the whole portable air unit. The timer function allows you to monitor the temperature conditions by every 0.5 hours in a complete 24 hours cycle. It’s always straight to the point while being flexible enough to provide you with the ability to check the remaining time left and readjust whenever you feel like.

Sleep Operation

The sleep mode is found on the control panel alongside the fan and On/Off button. Press the button to start the sleep mode. In this case temperature is expected to increase by 2 degrees Celsius in 1 hour between the intervals 30 minutes after the sleep mode is selected. The final temperature will then remain for at least 7 hours before it returns to the original temperature. You can easily cancel the sleep mode by pressing on the button again.

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Unlike many other small portable air con units the Electrolux 12000 BTU Portable Air conditioner has less need for manually draining water from the water storage tank. Draining is specifically needed when dehumidification mode is functional. Owners are expected to get in hand with the garden hose which is obtained separately which will be placed after removing the stopper from the hose connector to drain the water.

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Making sure that your new air con portable unit lasts longer is actually most of the time in your hands while many people think buying a cheap portable air conditioner is one of the common things that proves to be unworthy when it comes to life span, it’s actually cleaning and maintenance.

Filter Cleaning

Before the start of any cleaning operation you are advised to shut down the unit and unplug it from the socket. Start by carefully grabbing on the upper panel tab and pull out the filter after loosening the screws. Within you will find the air inlet. Try using a dish washing detergent settled in warm water to wash the filters and the dry them in the sun. The machine has two filters so you are expected to do just that for both of them.


During winter when you are not in need of the unit you can simply dust it and then cover it with plastic or choose to return it to its original box. At some instances you might find a storage cover introduced together with the unit which can easily use to cover the portable air conditioner.

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Failure to Operate

Possible Causes

    • Disconnected plug.
    • Tripped circuit breaker.
    • Filled water storage.
    • Temperature lower than room temperature.

Possible Solutions

  • Firmly readjust plug.
  • Replace blown fuse.
  • Drain the water storage tank.
  • Reset the set temperature.

Not Working Properly

Possible Causes

    • Room temperature below 16 degrees Celsius results in reduced cooling.
    • Compressor shut down while changing modes.

Possible Solutions

  • Reset the current temperature to a lower temperature.
  • Try waiting at least three minutes for the compressor to restart.

Noise Level
+ Positives:
  • Multiple layers of mesh to trap larger materials and filter dust.
  • A heating mode which allows both heating and warming.
  • Runs with little amount of energy.
  • Manually heats or cool the temperature to satisfy the condition.
  • Runs with quite energy levels.
- Negatives:
  • It comes with a short extractor fan.
  • Reduced cooling in the presence of dust.

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