CompactCool Electrolux Portable Air Conditioner 9000 BTU

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Noise Level7

Electrolux Portable Air Conditioner 9000 BTU provides efficient cooling, powerful dehumidification, adjustable fanning, and an automatic mode to bring comfort all-year round. Standing at 76cm high and 46.5cm wide this air conditioning unit can effortlessly fit into any room background without you sacrificing so much space.


Brand Electrolux
Model Number EXP09HN1WI
Colour White
Item Weight 32.1 Kg
Product Dimensions  764 x 465 x 397
Special Features Digital controls, Remote control, nice cool
temperatures in any
room in the house
BTU 9000 BTU cooling capacity.
Noise Level 52 dB of sound energy
Energy Efficiency Class  A/A
Refrigerant R410A/440
Voltage 220 volts
Air duct connector 1.2 m exhaust hose
CompactCool Electrolux Portable Air Conditioner 9000 BTU
CompactCool Electrolux Portable Air Conditioner 9000 BTU



There is nothing which makes a day much worse like two things, one a hot dry wind, packed with pockets of dust which makes the air unbearable to breathe in – and a scorching sun that sets our bodies frying outdoors. You might be wondering what’s the best way to control this, unless of course if you have a strong portable air conditioning unit to outclass the heat! And bring purity to the atmosphere for your own healthy living. If that’s the case, then set the odds in your favor and get Electrolux Portable Air Conditioner 9000 BTU, one of the best portable air conditioner on the current market. Designed with an advanced air purification system it features a double mesh filtering system which does not only trap large particles but dust. It features a unique spot cooling system which takes comfort to another level. A single press on the remote will bring the perfect condition you need to wherever you are in the room. Ever thought of a small portable air conditioning unit that can easily be transported and can fit into any room without scraping the floor or blocking that beautiful view by the window. Standing at 76cm high and 46.5cm wide this air conditioning unit can effortlessly fit into any room background without you sacrificing so much space. Electrolux Portable Air Conditioner 9000 BTU provides efficient cooling, powerful dehumidification, adjustable fanning, and an automatic mode to bring comfort all-year round.



  • Blends seamlessly into any room background.
  • Equipped with an advanced filtering system.
  • Automatically purifies air for a fresher feeling.
  • Freedom to form a personal cooling spot.
  • Night climate adjustment that ensures restful conditions.
  • Easy movement with floor protection.
  • It comes with an easy-to-read LED display panel.
  • An innovative filtering system that traps loose particles.
  • Additional remote control with sensors.
  • Easy to operate and maintain.



  1. Advanced Air Purification

Its advanced designed filter lets this portable air conditioner trap dust and larger particles producing a clean completely purified. It is built with a two filter outlet both containing another thin layer to its air purification.

  1. Electronic LED Display Control Panel

You can easily read the set temperature on the ambient control panel whether its day or night the electronic LED display always makes the control panel easy to operate.

  1. 24-hour Customized Comfort

The control of temperature conditions in your room is in your hands throughout the day. It features a 24 hours programmable timer which you can use to set the appropriate conditions which will be automatically monitored the portable unit.

  1. Highly Portable

It is designed to easily slide on the floor while standing upright in the course of movement. The air conditioning unit can be endlessly moved from one room to another without suffering from any scratches or denting the floor.

  1. Quiet Air Conditioning

This is a very quiet portable air conditioner with a low sound energy level described as one of the best on the market. It operates with powerful air conditioning while performing quietly during the night.

  1. Adjustable Fan Speeds

Providing a delicate fan mode with flexibility and efficiency. It has three levels of fan speeds which can be manually chosen to go at a certain needed speed. A single press will set the unit breathing the desired comfort.

  1. Dehumidifying Action

It has a powerful dehumidifying made to cope with the perfect summer heat. After selecting this mode the air conditioning unit automatically absorbs moisture focusing taking care of all the wet spots.

  1. Operates as a Dehumidifier

Its active dehumidifying mode lets it function as an all-year-round portable air conditioner. During summer a dehumidifying mode is available to clear that moist air and introduce coolness all-over the room.


Maximum care has to be taken when installing the unit. Make sure that the unit is always placed close to an opening so that the hose can be used whenever needed. Do you know that must of the causes of malfunctioning in an air conditioner are not gotten from buying cheap portable air conditioning units but usually are brought up from mistakes during the installation process? Any mistake made can go along to affect the performance of this portable air con in the future.



  1. Firstly, carefully use both hands to bring out the hose. Try stretching the hose to extend it a little.
  2. Secondly, gently twist in the hose onto the adapter. Do this to both sides of the hose using both adapters.
  3. Thirdly, grab one end of the hose and slide it into the unit from the back of the hose.
  4. Finally, try to assemble the window kit onto the sliding window and then connect the under free end of the hose. As simple as it can be.






Selecting Functional Modes

There are up to four modes on the Electrolux 9000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner to choose from that will go along to support your comfort in all the seasons. Modes can be changed both on the control panel and by using the remote control. Simply press on the options button until you see an indicator of the mode you want to choose lights up.

Follow Me Feature

Select this mode by using the remote control. This feature allows you to enjoy maximum precise spot cooling. After pressing on this feature the remote control will take note of the current temperature surrounding you and then send it back to the portable air conditioner every three minutes. You can press on the button again to turn off this function.


Timer Operation

While using the timer operation you are free to start a delay before the function starts working. To select the timer button you are expected to keep pressing on the timer button using the remote while it continues to increase the time by increments of 30 minutes. When done you will notice a dot will appear by the time indicator on the control panel.

Sleep Operation

This particular function can’t work under the dry and fan modes. After selecting the sleep operation using the remote or by pressing on the control panel, the temperature selected will be increased by 1 degrees Celsius continuously in the next hour. The temperature will then be maintained for the next 7 hours.




Drainage is especially needed under the dry mode. To start the drainage process you need to obtain a separate garden hose which you will use in the process. Go to the back the portable air conditioning unit and pull out the stopper to connect in the garden hose. Find and place a container under beneath the unit. Try and fix a condensate pump to drain out the water into the container.




To ensure that we all enjoy the best of air conditioning throughout the unit’s life we all have to make sure that we perform timely maintenance on hour unit every two weeks. Before starting any cleaning process be sure to shut-down the unit and unplug it from the socket.

Filter Cleaning

Filter Cleaning

The filter is always located at the back of the unit. You will notice a panel at the top filter which you can use for to grab and then open the grill. Carefully use both hands to pull out the filter. After you have successfully removed both filters you expected to use normal detergent in clean water to take care of the filter.

Cabinet Maintenance

It is very crucial that before the start of this process you make sure that the unit is switched off to avoid any electrical hazard which may cause permanent damage. Use a clean oil-free cloth damped in a solution of warm water containing dishwashing detergent to clean the cabinet. Avoid using any other type of special cleaner that may contain chemicals capable of reacting.

The cloth should be free of excess water as possible before using it to clean the controls to avoid any damage to the portable air conditioner.



In the case of any trouble with the portable air conditioning unit, you are advised not to make any major dissembling to avoid any issues concerning your guarantee service. All owners are advised to visit portable air conditioning UK for any extra help or extra details in need.

Air Conditioner doesn’t operate


  1. Loose wall plug.
  2. Dis-functioning fuse.
  3. Control remains OFF.
  4. P1 error code appears.


  1. Firmly insert the plug.
  2. Replace the fuse and readjust circuit breaker,
  3. Switch the unit back ON.
  4. Drain the water storage tank.

The unit doesn’t Operate Well Enough


  1. An ambient temperature lower than 16 degrees.
  2. Filter rack covered in dust.
  3. The compressor is on standby.


  1. Make sure ambient temperature is above 16 degrees.
  2. Clean the filter.
  3. Wait after 3 minutes for the compressor to restart itself.

Noise Level
+ Positives:
  • Has air direction control ability.
  • It features a quiet noise level incomparable to many of its kind.
  • It also functions as a purifier automatically cleansing any dust particles.
  • Designed with a remote sensor for a unique spot cooling experience.
  • Floor protection during movement from room to room.
- Negatives:
  • It has a short ventilation hose.
  • Too much water generates during the dry and cool mode.

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