Meaco Portable Compact Dehumidifier DD8L

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£199.99 £179.00

Noise Level10


Brand Meaco
Model Number DD8L
Colour White
Capacity 8 litres
Power / Wattage 650 watts
Noise Level 39/43/48dBA – depending on running mode
Air Flow (nominal) 80/100/115m³/h (3 fan speeds)
Dimensions (WxDxH) 18 x 35 x 50 cm
Net Weight 7.4 Kg
Refrigerant R134a
Special Features
  • 3 – Variable via running modes
  • Yes – Anti-bacterial
  • Use to prevent condensation, mould & damp
  • Which? Best But in 2014, 2015 and 2016
  • Can be used to dry laundry
  • Desiccant dehumidifiers are popular in colder homes
Meaco Portable Compact Dehumidifier DD8L
Meaco Portable Compact Dehumidifier DD8L

£199.99 £179.00


Are you worried due to the dampness and mold issues like me! If yes, then you need a good dehumidifier. As per my personal experience, until I purchased a Meaco DD8L compact dehumidifier, I faced a lot of problems. Now the question is why we should choose Meaco DD8L dehumidifier? Yes, we will discuss all the points separately, but now it’s enough to know that this is one of the leading brands in the UK which manufactures unmatchable premium quality dehumidifier with several modern features.

This is a brand which always researches on the dampness and mold issues of people. With more than eight years of research, this brand knows all the requirements of the people and manufactures its dehumidifier accordingly. You will find several good reviews, and I suggest this dehumidifier for winter. My two years of user experience can assure you that this machine is going to solve all your dampness and mold issues for sure.

My personal experience will assure you of the durability of this machine. Some other standard features like compact design, and advanced filtering systems will set an excellent standard of this dehumidifier.

Important points you should know about Meaco Portable Compact Dehumidifier DD8L:

  1. This machine is effortless to controls and comes with a variable humidistat allowing control at 40/50/60%rh and a Laundry mode.
  2. Now you will get up to 80% reduction in energy consumption because of its advanced Meaco Control Logic, and you will get covered tank to prevent spillage.
  3. The Anti-bacterial filter and ionizer of this machine will help to clean the air to keep your home air healthier for your family. This machine also comes with a hose in the box for continuous drainage if required.
  4. This dehumidifier is best for flats right through to a five bed house as well as colder applications like conservatories, garages, and boats.
  5. This dehumidifier is always best to look after bikes and cars in a garage or boats and caravans over the winter.
  6. The high-speed fan of this machine generates warm air which can dry laundry quickly.
  7. This is a compact and portable dehumidifier so never take much space in your home.
  8. This dehumidifier is very useful in a room where you are struggling to heat because of the warmth it generates.
  9. Now it’s time to share such ten points which will justify your motive towards purchasing this great machine. So let’s get started with more details.

Why Meaco Portable Compact Dehumidifier DD8L is the best choice?

Why Choose Meaco Portable Compact Dehumidifier DD8L?

  • It comes with a three years full warranty period
  • This dehumidifier is easy to use because of its user-friendly functionality
  • The Meaco control logic helps to save up to 80% energy consumption
  • You will get Anti-bacterial filter with this dehumidifier which keeps you healthy and provides fresh air
  • You will get the auto restart feature which usually runs 10 minutes in every hour after the humidity level.
  • You will acquire advanced speedy laundry mode which is always helpful for the fast process
  • As the product weight is only 6.4 kg, it’s easy to carry from one place to other
  • It has a tremendous dehumidifying capacity of 8 liters per day
  • This product is suitable for both domestic as well as unmanned applications
  • You will get continuous drainage and covered tank with this award-winning dehumidifier



Up to 80% less energy consumption

DD8L Meaco Portable dehumidifier comes with advanced Meaco control logic which helps to save up to 80% energy. This machine creates perfect dehumidification environment and automatic turn off after the process which automatically save energy. Overall you can say it can organically absolve excess moisture and mold without hampering the air quality.

DD8L &Laundry mode

DD8L comes with premium quality anti-bacteria filter and best quality ionizer. These always keep the air clean and very useful for those who suffer from allergies due to bad air quality. This is a lightweight machine and very quiet during the working condition. This machine can cover up to 5-bed Rooms sizes house.

Auto start after power falls

Most of the dehumidifier doesn’t come with auto start features, but here in this device; you will get this great feature. Usually, on other machines, you have to on or restart the machine manually, but here the machine will start automatically in which mode it was running before the power falls.

8 liters per day dehumidifying capacity

When it comes to the dehumidifier, it’s quite essential to know the capacity of this machine. Here Meaco DD8L portable dehumidifier offers 8 liters per day dehumidifying capacity which is great and perfect for workshop, home, garage, and motor homes.

Lightweight & compact design

Meaco DD8L dehumidifier has a compact design and its just 6.4 kg of weight. Due to its lightweight nature, you can carry it easily from one place to another. If you have a space problem in your home and you are looking for a dehumidifier, then there is nothing better than DD8L.

Continuous drainage with a hose

The constant drainage system with hose of this dehumidifier makes this machine even better and user-friendly. You don’t need to make any special arrangement for the drainage process because you will never face any drainage issue with this machine.

Unique economy program

Humidity monitoring is one of the essential things for a dehumidifier. A smart dehumidifier always comes with a proper humidity measurement feature. Here in Meaco Portable DD8L machine, you will get smart and unique economy program which continuously monitor the humidity permanently and process the system accordingly.

2 Liter capacity water tank with drainage facility

You will get drainage cum 2 liters capacity water tank which is good as per the dehumidifier points of view. Though you can expect a large capacity tank as we mentioned this is a compact machine, so 2 liters tank is a standard capacity according to the design of the dehumidifier.

Preset humidistat with stop timer control panel         

You will get preset humidistat and stop timer feature with Meaco DD8L dehumidifier. Every feature comes with a control panel, and you can use it solely according to your need. The stop timer is useful if you want to shut down the machine after few times according to your plan.

Covered Tank

Meaco DD8L dehumidifier comes with a strong and good quality covered tank. Though it’s a con, there is a special reason behind the cover tank and its nothing but to avoid the spillage.

Noise Level
+ Positives:
  • Well-built extraction rate
  • User-friendly
  • It contains Meaco control logic to save energy
  • Speedy water extraction rates in both warm and cool environment
  • It offers three fan speed
  • Perfect for washing indoors drying purpose
- Negatives:
  • The water tank is tiny as it has the capacity of the only 2liter
  • No automatic fan speed adjustment you have to do it manually


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