Pifco P41008 3-in-1 Portable Air Conditioning Unit with Remote Control for Home and Office, White

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£399.99 £299.99

Noise Level6.5

The best portable air conditioner brand is not the one which provides maximum capacity as well as efficiency – only to last for a few months, but it is the one which guarantees quality and safety of its customers for many years to come.


Brand Pifco
Colour White
Item Weight 23.2 Kg
Product Dimensions 36 x 32 x 60.5 cm
Special Features 24 hour timer, Digital controls, Remote control
BTU 7000BTU cooling capacity.
Noise Level 63 dB of sound energy
Dehumidifier up to 50L per day
Refrigerant R410A Refrigerant
Power Supply 220-240 volts
Air duct connector 1.5 m air duct connector
Thermostat 16-31⁰C
Outer diameter 15cm
Pifco P41008 3-in-1 Portable Air Conditioning Unit with Remote Control for Home and Office, White
Pifco P41008 3-in-1 Portable Air Conditioning Unit with Remote Control for Home and Office, White

£399.99 £299.99


The best portable air conditioner brand is not the one which provides maximum capacity as well as efficiency – only to last for a few months, but it is the one which guarantees quality and safety of its customers for many years to come. With the Pifco P41008 Portable Air Conditioner, you are presented with a complete package of home air conditioning quality providing powerful performance with up to a three months guarantee period for the safety of your investments. This is a 7000 BTU portable air conditioner designed with 3 in 1 variety of features letting you cool, dehumidify, and fan whenever you are in need. Featuring a window seal hose system you will be minutes away from enjoying its maximum effectiveness as soon as the unit arrives home. Built with a 24 hours programmable timer you can always take charge of things around even when you aren’t there anymore. Never to forget mentioning its comfortably made rolling casters to go with its slim like body letting you to smoothly transport the unit wherever you want within or not within the house. This quite portable air conditioner features a very quiet motor which allows you and your baby to take a long nap during the night. This small portable air conditioner can fit right at the window or along any opening in which you wish to install it.



  • 3 Years of the guarantee
  • A quite motor ideal for bedroom air conditioning.
  • Easily transported unit.
  • Designed to fit standard sized windows.
  • Little or no installation needed.
  • Up to 1.5m long hose system.
  • Optional ventilation technique.
  • Non-permanent installation.
  • Easily maintained.
  • Comes with a two AAA remote control.

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1. Works as a Heater:

This air conditioning unit can also be used as a heater during winter to raise the temperature of the room whenever wanted. By simply using the remote control or the control panel you can easily select on the heating mode to see hot air starts to surround the room within seconds. With the aid of the programmable timer, you can easily control any moment of its heating throughout the day.

2. Quite Air Conditioning:

This unit is further along the way built with a powerful but yet a very quiet motor allowing the unit to function in a very quiet manner during the night while you sleep. With a total of about 63dB of sound energy, it ranks higher than many portable units of its capacity within the market. Its quietness at night makes this unit very suitable to be used in the bedroom and office.

3. LED Display:

Pifco P41008-led-display It features an ambient control panel with electronic LED light showing on each and every button on the control panel. This makes it easy for you to see the set temperature from afar without even coming close. This helps in making sure that you don’t get confused whenever selecting or changing modes either by using the remote or via the control panel.

4. 24 Hours Programmable Timer:

Control up to a whole day of air conditioning using the 24 hours programmable timer. You can easily set when you want the portable air conditioner to start or stop working with the aid of the timer. This portable air con allows you to adjust the timer even during operation. By pressing on the up and down buttons you will be free to raise the time to whatever you want and even adjust the temperature.

5. 3 Fan Speeds:

Providing quality air conditioning as well as flexibility in mind. The unit features a set of three different fan speeds from low to high giving you much more control when it comes to air distribution within the room. You can easily select on the speed you want as soon as you initiate the fan mode function.

6. Compact and Portable Design:

The shape and size of this unit make it way easier to fit the air conditioning unit in a certain room background and at the same time move it to another location with ease. Not like so many bulky air conditioning units this unit has a total of32cm in width letting it fit through any door when being transported.

7. Overflow Protection:

Safety comes first whenever quality gets prescribed in a machine. It will never go well when a unit is fully designed without the mention of safety anywhere as it leads to nothing but to failure. To avoid any scenario of permanent damage on the unit this unit is set to automatically switch off whenever the storage tank gets full. You should expect to receive a warning and an error key “FL” to appear on the control panel when this happens.

8. Remote Control:

This portable air conditioner comes with a two AAA battery remote control to go along with the control panel functions in serving you with what you need. Looking at the LED display control panel you don’t even need to reach closure in order to adjust the temperature or select on any mode.

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Installation Process

Before you dive into the assembly process you are cautioned to let the unit stand upright for a period of 4 hours before starting the unit. When undergoing any assembly process the portable air conditioner is expected to be switched off and unplugged from any electrical source. Beware that you are expected to take a proper review of the guidelines mentioned in the manual to avoid any mistake which may lead to possible permanent damage to the air conditioning unit in the future.


1.Start by finding and locating the best spot to install the unit, make sure that the surface is completely flat and there is a 5ocm distance away from any object within the room to ensure smooth airflow before you go ahead to connect the hose.

exhaust pipe

2. Bring out the exhaust pipe connector from the box and try to connect it with the round shaped joint on the hose. After you have done this then you can proceed to connect the hose to the unit via the air outlet point at the back.

air outlet point at the back

3. At this stage try and connect the window seal plate connector to the free end of the hose. Make sure not to approach any of these steps forcefully to avoid any possible damage.

4. This is the last and final step to assembling the whole unit. Find the nearest window around and try to install the seal plate to the window. Avoid any situation that will cause an unimpeded air exhaust to the portable air con.

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Changing the Temperature

To enjoy the best of quality and comfort you shouldn’t just rely on the automatic set modes to provide you with the bet instead you need to make use of the temperature adjustment settings to take your comfort to the absolute maximum. Start by pressing on the up and down buttons to increase or decrease the temperature by increments of one degrees Celsius. You can be able to adjust and change temperature from 18-40 degrees Celsius.

Selecting Different Modes

You have the freedom to select a different kind of modes within any range of time even under the timer function. Either by using the remote control or on the control panel start by pressing on the mode button until and indicator lights under the mode which you can willing to select. After this, you can go ahead to adjust the temperature or fan speeds.

Fan Operation

This portable air conditioner gives you the ability to select up to 3 different fan speeds from low to high. Press on the mode button until you a light indicator appears under the fan mode. After selecting the fan mode then you can go ahead to adjust the speeds. Under this mode, you can’t be able to change the temperature as it is set automatically.

Sleep Mode

You can easily select on the sleep mode using the remote control by simply pressing on the sleep mode. After pressing the sleep button go ahead and use the up and down buttons to increase or decrease the time by increments of 30mins reaching up to 12 hours. The timer will automatically off itself after this time.

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Water Drainage

The air conditioning unit isexpected to stop whenever the water tank gets full. The unit will automatically alarm you with an “FL” error message on the control panel, as soon as you notice this it is expected of you to immediately drain the water in the tank. You shouldn’t try starting the unit again until you’re sure that the water is drained.

Carefully start by moving the unit close to the flat and smooth surface near a drain or a sink. During the drainage, process try not to wet the plug or immerse it inside water.

Gently unscrew the plug at the back of the unit from the drainage outlet and then pull out the water stopper. Using both hands gently tilt the unit towards the sink to drain the water until it is completely drained.

After the drainage makes sure don’t forget to firmly place back the plug and fit in the water stopper from the back of the unit. Drainage can also be done using a tray and container lower than the portable air conditioner.

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Maintenance is a very key aspect in using the portable air conditioner but yet there are many things that you should be cautious not to do,for example, immersing the whole unit into a liquid, using harsh cleaning solutions, and cleaning while the unit is either on or not unplugged from the socket. As an owner, you are expected to take the responsibility ofcleaning this unit after every two weeks or so.

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air filters

The air filters are a crucial part of the cleaning process. Failure to properly maintain the air filters will cause energy wastage, ineffectiveness, and possibly permanent damage onto the air filters in which you have to change them.

Before starting this cleaning procedure it is very important to note that the unit has two air filters and you shouldn’t in any way remove both filters at once. Carefully remove the first filter using both hands, then the second. Use a brush to get rid of the dust on both filters. After brushing both filters immerse the filter in a solution of warm water containing normal dishwashing detergent to clean both filters.

After the cleaning process is finished make sure that the filters are all dried out before you install them back into the air conditioning unit. Start by installing filter two then move to install filter one.

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In cases of dis-functioning, the below tips are set to help you reverse the problem before calling out for help. Before you start inspecting the unit regarding any issue make sure that power cord is putting firmly in place and power is properly supplied before going further. If any problem persists then I suggest you should visit portable air conditioning UK to search for opinions of an expert.

Unit Has Stopped Working

  • Possible Causes
  1. Burnt fuse.
  2. The storage tank is full.
  3. Active timer function.
  4. Ambient temperature too low or too high.
  • Possible Solutions
  1. Replace the fuse.
  2. Drain the water storage tank.
  3. Opt out of timer function.
  4. Make sure the ambient temperature is between the thermostat range.

The inefficiency of the Unit

  • Possible Causes
  1. Availability of other heating sources in the room.
  2. Opened windows & doors.
  3. Dirty air filter.
  4. Air inlet or outlet blocked.
  • Possible Solutions
  1. Get rid of any other heating source.
  2. Close all windows & doors.
  3. Clean or change the air filters.
  4. Remove any possible air inlet or outlet blockage.

Noise Level
+ Positives:
  • It Can Be Used As A Heater During Winter.
  • Designed with A Quite Low Sound Functioning Motor.
  • Ideal To Be Used In Small And Medium-Sized Rooms.
  • Lightweight away Less Bulky.
  • Very Easy To Move Around.
- Negatives:
  • Bulky Hose System.
  • Does Not Come With A Window Kit System.

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